IncuSocio offers startup incubators. Incubator indicates a facility which assists and supports new businesses as well as startups. Its main motto is to avail these new companies with all the required services to help them becoming well established. These incubators act as a spark plug to kick start a startup company. These incubators provide visible as well as invisible services.

The concept of incubators is introduced to give wings to innovations. It emphasizes on the fact that no idea or invention should go in vain. It avails new companies with the required capital, experienced advisors and contacts to let it grow and groom to its greatest extreme.

Discussing all the services IncuSocio provides as a startup incubator:

  • Providing office space
  • Assisting with the fundamentals of business.
  • Complete assistance while Marketing.
  • Networking Contingency
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Management Support
  • Financial Assistance
  • Help in improving Presentation Skills
  • Assisting with every course relating to legislation
  • Providing Access to bank loans, funds as well as guarantee programs.
  • Provision of higher education resources and techniques
  • Associating with angel investors, accelerators, co-investors and strategic partners
  • Identifying Management team
  • Tutoring about business ethics and etiquettes
  • Absolute business training events
  • Consultative mentors and Advisory boards
  • Helping in technology's commercialization
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Counselling property management
  • market research
  • Human resource training
  • All equipped facilities
  • E-commerce assistance

IncuSocio aims to let the startups go higher and higher and wants to become a medium to transform their innovations and ideas to reality. It promotes a consideration of leading with honesty and sincerity throughout the way.

Focus Areas


Internet of Things


Smart Transportation


Smart Energy


Smart Home




Health Tech


Digital Health


Marketing Tech



Limited Partners & Investors
If you’re a fund investor or limited partner and would like to learn more about the opportunities of working with iNCUSOCIO Capital, please write us at
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