Starting a new business from zero level is not a child’s play. It demands intense level of patience and countless efforts. Initiating a startup can be equally gladdening and challenging. It needs your complete immersion as well as efficacy. The basis of a startup should be an idea which can solve an existing issue perfectly. As competition is intensifying day by day, the idea needs to be unique in its own way.
As we are moving towards modernity, people’s thought process also getting advanced. There are many enthusiasts who have brilliant ideas inside them but unable to implement them due to lack of money and resources.
We are offering our free-of-cost guide especially designed to help you get through:


Doing complete exploration is important before heading ahead. As soon as you get an idea, perform an idea analysis for it. The most basic and convenient steps to do this is to Google about it. It can be learned easily by investing some hours on internet. Do thorough R and D for the same. The first task is to see that whether your idea is unique or not, and if it’s not, then what better implementations can your idea introduce. Then another step is to analyze that your idea is marketable enough or not. It is essential to actuate the verve of your startup idea.

Basic idea analysis can either be done by you or by another experienced company. There are many companies that perform idea analysis for your idea and then invest in it if its potential enough to hit the market.


A complete business plan for your startup is must to be made. It will hold a detailed description of the idea to be launched, products and services to be introduced, marketing plans, pricing model, competitors’ list and also your exclusivity and expertise. You can make it on your own and it will definitely give you a sweet fruit. It will be most beneficial at the time of hitting investors.


In this advanced era, digital appearance matters the most. By introducing a great website, you can take your business to any corner of the world. But the first step to think of a suitable and attractive domain name.

Steps to find a right domain name for your website:

After choosing a domain name, you have to buy it in order to do further processing. Domain name can be purchased from any of the websites godaddy, doster, tucows, bigrock etc. You can check the rates on a few websites and go for the one that is providing you most economic price

Once the domain name is purchased, next step is to buy good server for your website. While buying server, make sure that the one you’re choosing would be able to handle huge traffic.

  • Now comes the main function that is to make website. As you are about to start a new business and a lot of expenses have been waiting for you. So you have to go for the ways that can save as much money as possible. If you’re a person who is internet friendly and can understand basic technical terms, then you can make your own website. All you need to do is some online research. There are many websites that provide you complete tutorials for website making in free-of-cost. W3schools is one of such websites. You can learn it online and can make it for yourself.
  • In case you’re unable to do so, you can hire a company to make a website for you. To get it done under budget, you can file your requirement for a website developer on platforms like Fiver and Freelancer. You can get a web developer in actually nominal price over there
  • If you want to make a top class website with advanced features, then you will have to hire a good company for it. Because there is no shortcut for quality work. You can search for any of the suitable websites to get your work done. IncuSocio is one of such websites that avails you with great services in completely nominal price.
  • Another option is to find angel investors by yourself. Propose your business plan in front of them and convince them to invest in your business.
  • There is another way to get your website completed. You can apply to get STARTUP FUNDING. To do that, you have to submit your idea to any of such companies. Different companies provide different offers and services. IncuSocio is among the same list. It does complete idea analysis and if your idea passes, then the company designs website as well as app for your business. It also provides you startup funding to bootstrap your business by providing you half of the development cost and marketing, management and financial assistance as well as introduces to further investors.


Due to the introduction of social media and digital marketing techniques, you can gain really profitable organic results. You can get some useful tips from the websites that are working in the same market niche as yours. In this way you can make a better marketing strategy than your competitors.

You have to decide the demographic and geographic criteria/field you want to hit to promote your business. The best medium to publicize your business in local area is “word of mouth”. For make people to promote your business, you need to make an impressive brand image.

You can market your business for free on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. You can share your products, services and innovations on these platforms to boost up your business considerably. Like website making, you can also get some free digital marketing tips from internet, so that you may implement qualified SEO and SMO techniques. You will also be a master of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing as well as Local Marketing.

You can also publicize your business with paid methods like Google AdWords and Facebook/Instagram paid promotions


If you are heading to make something big, then it is necessary to get it legally registered. You have to choose the favorable legal structure for your business. In case you’re running it alone without any partners, then you can go for a proprietor firm in which all the liabilities regard to the registered sole proprietor. If there are two or more than two partners involved in a business, then partnership firm would be suitable. In a partnership firm, share and designation of each partner can be defined according to his/her rule. If business turnover gets considerably high, then the firm should be converted to Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) Company. To get some relaxation in Taxes and liabilities, one can choose LLC too.


At the time of starting the business from scratch, it is hard to hire a work space for your business. Firstly, you have to give it a thought that for how much time, you can work from home without any office. You would definitely come up with a requirement to find an office space as soon as possible. In an ideal office, all the necessary amenities are needed which includes furniture, Landline, Internet Source, Computers, Printer, AC, Drinking Water and Washrooms.

You have two options to set up a work space for your startup:

  • You can hire an office and buy or rent the required furniture and other necessary appliances. Furniture can be rented from Furlanco and then you can update it with time. But renting a whole office space brings a lot expenses with it. The pricing becomes more high after including electricity bills, workers’ payouts and maintenance costs. So it is not a feasible option if you have low budget and limited resources.
  • Another convenient way is to opt for Co-working space. Co-working is an approach which promotes a common working space that can be used as an office or a conference hall or any other activity-arena. IncuSocio, AltFcoworking and Awfis etc. are the companies that employ the same concept to get rid of cliché office atmosphere as well as overhead expenses. It is not necessary for the co-working space to be shared by the same company. All the necessary amenities are also provided within a co-working space. It is shared by various companies, that’s why it is measurably less expensive and thus can save considerable amount of funds for you.
  • To get funded for your startup, you can either go for STARTUP FUNDING which you’ll get if your idea will be marketable and profitable enough. To reach Startup Fund providing companies, you have to make an impressive business plan and email that with your exclusive idea to such companies. Different companies provide financial support with different percentages. Just go with a company that provides you the best offers, instead of sending your idea to multiple companies simultaneously. In this way your idea will be revealed and anyone can make use of it.
  • If you want full guidance for your startup from zero to an infinite extent, then you should choose STARTUP INCUBATORS. These incubators help you grow from scratch. Function of these incubators is to provide you with all the essential resources, marketing ideas, management tips and financial assistance
  • At IncuSocio, you can have all the solutions needed your startup, starting from coworking space and startup funding to startup incubators.


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