Do you have a passion to start something new! Do you get productive ideas bursting inside your mind! Do you want to crack the market with your idea but lacking money! If your only answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then we actually got a solution for you. “Share your idea with us” is all you need to do to live your passion. And we’ll make you achieve it by supporting in monetary terms. In all, we not only accommodate you with financial benefits but with operational and technical support before as well as after launch.


Share your Idea & we’ll fund your Website/App

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the plan:
  • Your idea must have a potential to withstand the market.
  • Idea must be exclusive i.e. shouldn’t be counterfeited.
  • It is necessary for that idea to be related to website or mobile app.
  • In case a website/app already exists on the same concept, then the idea may be changed in accordance to gain profit.
  • If there is no possibility to change the idea, then the process won’t be proceeded any further.
To-do’s after approving your idea:
  • We will provide you the fund equals half of the development cost to create website or app.
  • We will be doing all the necessary research and development before launching it in the market.
  • Once we get to know the market requirement for proposed idea, we’ll guide you with some changes to be executed, if any needed.
  • We will also help you in finding angel investors, crowd funding as well as venture capital funds.
  • It’ll be our responsibility to help you in implementing the marketing strategies and performing marketing stunts to publicize the product.
  • In case website/app require any hardware implications, then we’ll be conveying information regarding that too.
  • The corresponding website or mobile app will be promoted by us on all the possible social media platforms.

The necessary condition to get funded is that the idea should be fresh and unique. And it should also have all the qualities to lure every kind of users available. Half of the investment will be done by us and the other half will be arranged by the owner of the idea.

Your idea Requires * Website App Both

You have Team / Partners * Yes No

You have Office Space * Yes No

The process to convert your idea into reality:

  • Fill our form and we will contact you via email or contact number.
  • You’ll have to elaborate the idea to us related to website or app.
  • It’ll be analyzed by us that whether the idea fits the market or not.
  • If the idea is apposite enough to compete in market then further research will be taken into account that if it exists already in market or not.
  • If any website, app or product has already started working on the same ideology, then the idea will be modified to certain extent in order to get benefited. But, if the idea won’t be competent enough, then it won’t be selected.
  • When your idea will be selected, then only you will be invited to our office to discuss all the nuts and bolts.
  • In India, our offices are situated in Mumbai and Kolkata, you can choose any one as per convenience.
  • Worthy idea will be funded by us with an amount half of the development cost.
  • We will provide a complete assistance for marketing as well as launching. We’ll also support if the website or app needs any kind of hardware implications.


Though we’re here to pay half of the development cost for you. But in case you’re still worried for the same, we want to recall you that we are going to study your idea completely before investing in it. Because launching of this idea will be taking 50% from our side too, so it’s better to play safe. Idea Analysis performed by us will confirm that whether the idea to be launched is marketable enough or not. If the result is affirmative, then only we’re going to invest in it.

We are offering one more ease to you. Even now, if you’re afraid to invest, as you don’t want to take a risk costing you 50% of the development cost. If you think that your idea might fail while launching, then we have come up with a solution for this too. We can resolve this issue with a proposal to launch your idea partially. What we are going to do is that we will launch your idea via starting an app or website for the outside users to use, but there is a slight change i.e. we won’t invest the full money at a time and won’t launch the app after implementing whole of your idea. We will use a few ideologies out of the complete plan and launch the app/website on the basis of these certain key-points and then we’ll see how many people are reaching to it. If the idea seems to be attracting enough traffic, then only we’ll invest the full amount and launch it after completion. In this way, the thought of launching your idea would be more comforting to you.

As soon as, an idea takes birth in your mind, just make an extravagant business plan with financial extensions capable to hit the market and just come to us.

We are providing you a pool of opportunities to enter the startup incubator. Filling this form is compulsory to lead you there-

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