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Providing best of marketing services by perfectly blending your marketing ambitions and our creative skills.

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Launching or consoling a Marketing Automation Platform for you.

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Developing an appropriate marketing automation strategy for your business.

Marketing Strategy

Availing strategic advice for short, as well as long engagements.



Our new methods and implementations regarding latest custom-made tools will emphasize the following things:

  • Producing more leads than before, i.e., amplifying sales.
  • Tracking which way of promotion is working better than others.
  • Getting maximum output by applying minimum efforts.
  • Decreasing human Labor through ‘Automation of Tasks,' in turn, reducing employee count.
  • Regular Follow up to cold Leads to convert them into profiting leads.
  • Manage various remotely working offices/freelancers.
  • Continuous reminders for upcoming and missing follow-ups shown in the respective Executive Panel.
  • Auto-generated apology email/SMS to the associated clients on each missed follow-up.
  • Keeping track of the performance levels and efforts of all the employees, their attendance, as well as incentives.
  • Analyzing all the daily/monthly/yearly reports anywhere anytime by using your mobile/tablet/desktop.
  • Calculate average profit and turnover for each day/month/year by monitoring all the sales.


Our experts intend to perform best of promotional activities and put their efforts to maximize sales associated with your business. Implementation of ‘Automation of Tasks’ reduces human labor, thus increases the profit.


Many freelancers and industries working from different locations can be managed from one central point. Regular Follow-ups and reminders for upcoming and missing follow-ups make the services unmatchable.


It becomes so easy to monitor reports on a regular basis by using mobile/tablet/desktop dashboard. All the employees’ efforts, attendance, and efficiency can be tracked easily.


Generating More Leads than before, proportionally more sales

Our Digital Marketing experts will advertise your services or products on Facebook/Google or the respective website. We will bring paid as well as unpaid traffic to your website’s landing page by providing a lead-grabbing form.

Landing pages will involve an explanatory video that will explain the core concept behind your services and will also implant its necessity in the viewers’ mind.


Tracking the method of promotion that is working better than others

We will offer different lead-grabbing forms and separate Landing pages for different promotional methods. Each lead will carry its source of generation throughout the sales cycle. Thus, it will help our system to evaluate the source, i.e., the most efficient and performing better than others. There will be chat-box which will mimic human and help in grabbing leads via chats while personal chat representatives aren’t online.


Getting maximum output by putting minimum efforts

Efforts are being minimized to the most significant extent by introducing human-mimicking chat-box, auto email responders, automatic attendance maintenance, auto employee efficiency tracker, electronic campaign monitor, and automated lead source performance tracker.


Decreasing Employee count using ‘Automation of Tasks’

CRM and the associated system will learn your regular functions and will give you the option to automate similar actions in future. Like support chat-box will remember answers to news questions and save them in the database for future use.


Regular follow-up to cold Leads to insert them into the sales funnel for maximizing conversion rate

The system will set different notifications for callbacks and missed calls.


Tracking the efforts of all the employees, their attendance, and incentives

The system will remember the login timings associated with all the employees and will auto-generate the attendance register.


Manage various remotely working offices/freelancers

Manage your work from anywhere in the world, assign tasks to freelancers, track them and also keep an eye on part-time employees.


Tracking Total daily/monthly/yearly reports of everything at a glance on mobile/tablet/Desktop dashboard

No matter where you are, at the end of the day just have a few min sneak peak on your dashboard which will a give a deeper insights of your company on that day


Analyzing all the daily/monthly/yearly reports anywhere anytime by using your mobile/tablet/desktop

It doesn’t matter where you are all the day; you just have to put a cursory glance on your dashboard, and it will give you profound insights of your work.


You’re in Good Company

Provision of mobile as well as digital customers’ engagement solutions, which will help you creating advanced customers’ experiences quickly.

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