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Technology Deployment

A Marketing Automation system implementation should be taken seriously. As the marketing automation system is placed at the top of all the marketing programs, it is relatively included to deploy all the marketing programs successfully. Fortunately, that is the exact process that we follow. We make customized project plans to make sure that your business needs get accomplished.


Platform Integration

The system is being connected to various platforms for it to track the marketing behavior associated with your contacts. By making these connections correctly, the process of marketing automation can be performed to get benefited the most. We manage all aspects regarding system integration such as corporate CRM, lead capture forms to various third-party systems, and website tracking.


Data Migration

Irrespective of the systems that you are using right now, you will prefer to migrate several data sets to the new platform. The essential part of your implementation is to put data in the Marketing Automation Platform and to migrate the data correctly. Our team of experts helps you to cleanse stale lists, map fields, import lists, and partition your data to make it ready to be used for campaigning.


Initial Packages

Performing successful marketing automation includes trying, testing, and getting used to the functions being performed in your market as well as to deal with customers. It is essential to make the initial phase of your project work, in order to provide momentum and quick value back to your business. As an outcome, we have come up with Initial Packages that help you to make a significant impact in a short span of time.


Handoff Training

Our handoff buildup training helps you to run the newly established platform. This exercise is kept highly specific in which your team is trained and instructed about how the Marketing Automation Platform has been deployed. It makes sure that your team holds knowledge about not only the software but also the aspects configured with your business.

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