Is Your Organization Sales Enabled?

Our organization is sales enabled

We assist organizations to optimize functions in order to get maximum possible value out of their most essential assets, i.e., the employees. We perform to ensure that each employee, as well as the department, is running in coordination to maximize the momentum. In some of the organizations, we found their fundamental roles defined already, but still, they differ in terms of responsibilities that causes internal differences among the departments. We also aim to fix that and get your business running more smoothly than before.

Our organization is not sales enabled

We unite disjointed sales and marketing departments in order to maximize company momentum. Through defined roles and responsibilities, individual accountability, and aligned goals, we help Sales and Marketing lead organizations the right way.

Key Features

Collateral Review

List Building

Opportunity & Sales Cycle Management

Marketing Segmentation

Inside Sales Call Scripts

Lead Qualification Matrix


Inside Sales Alignment

An essential part of marketing and lead generation stays in the hands of the sales team. We help you aligning Marketing & Sales goals and function to establish synergy between the two sectors. Our guidelines empower Inner Sales to perform as a natural extension of the message marketing, and positioning; while keeping balance in between the requirements and qualifications to meet up with a substantial and verified sales opportunity.


Product Marketing

Products’ Marketing is an essential attribute responsible for a business’s growth as well as intelligence. Our assistance and exclusive frameworks help in aligning Marketing with Product Management by providing competitive analysis, technical product roadmap understanding, customer feedback, product positioning, and pricing tools. A firm Product Marketing function is the base of your marketing organization and also proves to be an essential asset to Sales and Product teams.


Win-Loss Monitoring

Analyzing causes for won and lost deals is essential for the growth of your business and also for the capability to sustain in every situation. Our assistance and frameworks are developed to let the marketing plan involve all the possible areas of differentiation (whether be good or bad), as well as the elements associated with your sales cycle that subtract or add value to competitive strengths, weaknesses, and real feedback regarding your organization.

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