Automated Surveys

Use automated surveys to capture and collect customer feedback quickly, through mobile-optimised channels, helping to improve your customer service experience.

Enhance customer experience and cultivate loyalty, by utilising new mobile-first communication channels to capture the views of your customers.

With Incusocio you can:

  • Conduct surveys over SMS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and other Social/OTT channels.
  • Extend surveys in multiple languages across different geographical locations.
  • Get secure, real-time access to key reports and usage stats, in multiple formats.

Key Capabilities

Engaging & appealing surveys

Use rich collection formats – Facebook templates and quick replies to create engaging and visually appealing surveys.

Conditional branching

Facilitate the dynamic selection of subsequent questions based on the respondent's answers.

Personalised surveys

Create personalised surveys through quick and lightweight integrations with your existing CRM systems.

Key Benefits

Improve response rate

Trigger event-driven personalised surveys to achieve up to 10x higher response rates.

Real-time access

Get real-time customer feedback to identify customer experience gaps and take remedial action to improve CSAT & NPS.

Reduce cost

Reduce the cost of collecting feedback by up to 50% by leveraging channels such as Facebook Messenger and other messaging applications.


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Learn how Incusocio will move your marketing strategy forward.

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