What a Predictive Dialer does for your campaign?

For large outreach campaigns like GOTV or Voter identification, you are trying to reach out to as many people as possible. A predictive dialer is perfect for these campaigns. It helps increase occupancy rate of your volunteers by 200%. The predictive dialer calls the numbers and connects only answered calls to the agents waiting to get bridged. As the dialer only connects agents or volunteers to answered calls, agent time is not wasted on listening to dial tones of unanswered calls, answering machines, invalid numbers or fax machines. The volunteers time is spent entirely on talking to supporters keeping them motivated to call more.

How Do Predictive Dialers Function?

With Incusocio you can:

Incusocio is predictive dialer provider in India, and it avails you with best of services. When it comes to reach out to the most of the customers, predictive dialers cannot be beaten. The companies that provide call center solutions in India call multiple numbers simultaneously. As soon as any customer answers, an agent is being connected to him/her. Depending on the average time that is taken by the agent to accomplish a call, the dialer “predicts” when the agent will be free again, and after estimating that time, dialer starts to call the multiple numbers again. The agent will further be connected to a new customer as soon as he hangs up the previous call. Moreover, the dialer predicts the percentage of calls that went unanswered in a specific call list and then starts to dial numbers more frequently as per the need. While functioning with a predictive dialer provider in Mumbai, a little time is spent between two consecutive calls, and thus, the talk time of the agent is increased.

Though, predictive dialer companies comprise some flaws. Predictive dialer provider in India starts to make new calls before an agent gets free, assuming that there will be customer readily available as the agent will end a call. Using this auto-dialing feature, many prospective customers are being connected even if the agent is unavailable at that time. When such kind of situation arises, there generates a delay in response time from the side of the agent, which seems to be frustrating a lot of customers. Being annoyed in these circumstances, customers choose to disconnect the call before getting connected to the agent.

How Does a Predictive Auto Dialer Work?

Progressive dialing reduces the time wasted in between calls by automatically calling on a number as soon as an agent gets free. Unlike predictive dialers that make multiple calls simultaneously before an agent is ready; progressive dialer makes a new call when the previous one gets done so that there is an agent available to answer when the customer gets connected.

Progressive dialing doesn’t make as many calls as predictive dialing, but it makes sure that customers do not answer calls before an agent is ready to pick up. It is better to facilitate more private as well as productive interactions between an agent and a customer than to make the customer wait for the agent. However, progressive dialers make lesser calls than that of predictive dialers, they amplify agent’s efficiency and connect an agent to more of customers.

Increased Productivity

Being a Predictive Dialer Provider in Mumbai, we avail our customers with the higher efficiency levels.

  • We pre-set the number of phone lines getting connected to agents and restrict any initial contact before an agent gets free to provide optimal performance.
  • Any call center solution in India intends to provide you with a constant flow of calls and increase talk time as well as productivity.
  • If you belong to a business that intends to avail such services, Incusocio’s predictive dialer initiates a call that is independent of your operative, making sure that you end up with increased talk time and reduced percentage of dropped calls.

What is another option?
If you are still manually dialing in the numbers, then you have scope to save a lot of time by functioning with a predictive auto dialer in India. So you do not need to waster time in dialing the numbers, waiting for connections, listening to voicemails, and scheduling call-backs, etc.
In a nutshell, predictive auto dialer in India helps in making your staff competitively more productive.

Entirely Compliant

We function within specific guidelines to make your business altogether compliant forever. It includes:

  • Restricting any calls being connected other than the set times.
  • Developing a framework to increase the call drop timeout.
  • Automatic messages to be used for dropped callers.
  • Stop call back to the dropped calls within a set period.
  • Managing a set amount of dropped calls within a day.

Adopting the wrong techniques can cost businesses significantly. We consistently stay at the leading position in applying regulations and implementing all the necessary changes so that you do not need to worry and can focus on the other essential factors.
Moreover, when you opt to work with Incusocio, you are dealing with a company that is ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited.
If you are searching for a predictive auto dialer in India that works to enhance the productivity of your business, then you’ve come to the right place as Incusocio has it all for you.

Management Details and Flexibility

  • Incusocio being a predictive dialer provider in India provides you with an opportunity to analyze adequate performance, that in turn, helps in training individuals and improving performance throughout the board.
  • Call recording provision is also there.
  • Furthermore, we propose with IVR to manage call flow for inbound calls and also essential ‘call popping’ in which callers’ information gets instantly available on the screen.
  • We do understand the fact that no two businesses run similarly.
  • We can tailor screens as well as information forms to perform the best for your business. It means that you’re provided with a bespoke solution frequently that perfectly meets your requirements and gets evolved as soon as your business grows.
  • We work with an aim to maximize customer contact rates to leverage your business without affecting the calls’ quality. The call platform is proposed with high-quality monitoring tools that can be used to analyze as well as improve functioning and productivity on a daily (hourly) basis.

Super Easy to Set Up & Use

One of the essential advantages of adopting Incusocio’s services is its convenience to use.
Nobody wants to spend time in training the staff, and instead of this, you want your team members to be efficient while working. All you need is a computer, USB headset, monitor, and internet connection; Incusocio handles the rest.

We offer full training from the time you go live on sitestrong to walk the floor and assist operatives to know the platform correctly.

Incusocio provides an interface that is as easy as using a site and is comfortable for new operatives to use without providing them extra training. We also avail your business of adequate customer support including with simple pricing.
If there’s an issue, whether be large or small, we’re available to assist.

Advantages & Features

Detection of answering machine

The dialer has the capability to automatically detect the answering machines and to drop a pre-recorded voice alert.

Enhanced occupancy rate

This system connects agents to only the answered calls and eventually increases the working time of the agent. Agent time is not being wasted while listening to the dial tones of wrong numbers, unanswered calls, and fax machines.

Pay as you proceed

The pricing is kept the same for all the call center dialers; it further depends on the usage rate. The pay as you proceed scheme makes sure that you pay for only the time you spend talking. Other than that, there are no monthly subscriptions.

Live Phone Call Analyzing

Stay available on the call when the voter communicates with the decision maker.

Limitless Volunteers

Volunteers are important asset to your business campaign. That’s why, you can recruit as many as you want, without paying any external fee. We don’t charge as per the seat basis.

Surveys & Scripts

We allow you to add a calling script as well as survey to each campaign. Train your agent to let him collect information while calling. The results are being synced to your CRM.

Provision to call from anywhere

You’re free to recruit volunteers from anywhere in the world and then assign them their functions. Volunteers make calls for a business campaign from anywhere around the globe through their browser. Browser calls are preferred because they cost the minimum. If they want, they may call from their phone as well.

Contacts’ History

Monitor the complete call-log associated with contact before even calling them. Every note saved by an operative is stored in the database and can be seen in history.

Surveys’ Analytics

Now, there’s no need to maintain a record by yourself. You just have to use an advanced survey tool to record all the digital responses frequently. Opt for an advanced responses’ platform to analyze your calling campaign.

Power Dialer

Incusocio also provides automatic dialer for teams. Contacts are being dialed as soon as agents get free to talk. The automated dialer helps in improving the agent talk time and controlling dialing speed using a specific setting.

Monitor Dialer

Provide the agent with enough time to research about the contact before dialing. They may choose to whom they want to call as per the availability of time.

Predictive Auto Dialer

It is being accepted as the perfect solution for super-busy call centers. Predictive auto dialer functions with versatility and is extremely easy to use. It offers the adequate customer support that your company needs. Incusocio’s expert team always assists in letting the auto-dialer perform efficiently on high volumes.

Which Dialer is Suitable for Your Business?

The significant difference between progressive as well as predictive dialing is the tradeoff among the number of accomplished calls and the agent-customer interactions. If you aim to expand the reach of your agent to maximum customers possible, and call abandonment isn't an issue for you, then predictive dialer would be suitable for you. If the interaction between your agent and customer is more important to you than the calls made per hour, then the progressive dialer would be perfect for you.

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